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Wind River Customers

Group NIRE

“Our vision is to combine weather forecasting data, real-time wind turbine data, battery data, as well as PMU data. We’re using the Internet of Things to combine these datasets, to make actionable decisions in real time.”

—Mark Harral, CEO, Group NIRE

Group NIRE Harnesses the Power of IoT to Manage the Power of the Wind

Group NIRE was spun off from Texas Tech University and privatized in order to provide real-world testing and development for alternative energy solutions, notably wind. Wind turbines not only generate power, but also generate enormous amounts of data. Group NIRE was collecting data from a variety of locations and integrating it manually in order to analyze turbine performance. The process was taking too much time and eating into the engineers’ productivity. The group needed a more efficient approach—one based on the Internet of Things—that would combine multiple datasets into a single data stream in one location.

Wind River and Intel Deliver the End-to-End IoT Solution

Group NIRE is implementing the Intel® IoT Gateway, based on Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform XT, to securely aggregate, share, and filter data for analysis. The IoT solution will enable the firm to combine weather forecasting data, real-time wind turbine data, and battery data from its various sites, which in turn will enable engineers to get actionable analyses and make decisions in real time. Group NIRE is also using the Wind River Helix Device Cloud to remotely monitor and manage devices in the field. Among other benefits, the end-to-end IoT solution will help cut costs through predictive maintenance and reduced manual operations.