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Wind River® Chassis brings together software, technologies, tools, and services to unify and simplify how auto manufacturers build the next generation of intelligent, connected, and autonomous vehicles.

Chassis Overview

Chassis provides the foundation for security, comprehensive reference for cloud-based connectivity, and modular flexibility required to integrate systems within intelligent vehicles and connect them to external networks of devices and data.

Chassis comprises VxWorks®, Wind River Linux, Wind River Drive, Wind River Edge Sync, Wind River Diab Compiler, and Wind River Simics, along with complementary tools and services. The Chassis portfolio provides OEMs with a software framework for the next-generation automobile that includes tested and certified virtualization technologies that allow the secure consolidation of computing workloads.

Wind River Helix Edge Sync

Wind River Edge Sync

Edge Sync enables over-the-air updates and software lifecycle management for connected and autonomous vehicles.

  • Eliminates vehicle software recalls and associated warranty costs
  • Accelerates the delivery of vehicle updates, upgrades, and critical bug fixes
  • Maintains the integrity of embedded systems for the lifetime of the vehicle, both pre- and post-production
  • Generates the smallest delta file updates, reducing distribution time and cost, as well as the memory consumed on ECUs


Wind River Helix Cockpit

Wind River Cockpit

Cockpit is a safe, secure, automotive-grade consolidation platform for building next-generation in-cabin experiences that seamlessly extend digital life into the connected vehicle.  

  • Consolidates ECUs to reduce weight and complexity, increase security, and lower system cost
  • Provides a reusable, flexible, and scalable software platform for faster time-to-market
  • Minimizes hardware dependency and maintains supply chain integrity by abstracting value-added IP
  • Enables remote updates for quickly addressing new bugs and security threats


Wind River Helix Drive

Wind River Drive

Drive offers auto manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers an ISO 26262 ASIL D–certifiable software platform for pioneering advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle innovations.

  • Enables quick building of highly secure and reliable controls and systems for automotive safety-critical applications
  • Safely consolidates applications onto a single hardware platform
  • Prevents risks from malicious code through secure boot and other layered security features
  • Enables high-performance, functionally safe automotive platforms (drivetrain consolidation, driver assistance, and automation)


Wind River is a proven partner to automotive
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More than 300
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Complete portfolio of
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tools, and services

Expertise to ensure
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Learn more about how Chassis can help speed your development while ensuring highly secure and rigorously safe components and systems for the next generation of intelligent, connected, and autonomous vehicles.