Expand the Possibilities of Digital Healthcare

Wind River® helps device manufacturers create intelligent, reliable, secure, and easy-to-support technologies for pioneering the future of connected care.


Our operating systems, platforms, and tools can help any medical device maker save development time, lower development costs, and reduce device management overhead.

Best-in-Class Development Platforms

For over 30 years, Wind River has been the pioneer for embedded software. Whether you are looking for the industry’s leading commercial real-time operating system or the best development environment for open source computing, Wind River can help.

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World-Class Reliability

From Mars rovers and jet airplanes to industrial systems and medical systems, Wind River has developed embedded software to meet the most demanding reliability and security requirements of intelligent, connected devices.

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Rich Partner Ecosystem

Our extensive network of partners offer a wide array of interoperable and complementary technologies and tools. Our partners give medical device makers the freedom to quickly innovate and extend the capabilities of their products.

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Future-Proof Foundation

As an Intel® company, Wind River is dedicated to the long-term development of digital, connected healthcare technologies. We provide industry-leading support for your devices throughout their lifecycles.

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Wind River has a proven track record helping build FDA Class I, II, and III devices for a broad array of medical needs. Our breadth of experience and skills can help bring greater intelligence and connectivity to a wide range of medical devices.


CT/PET/X-ray instrumentation

Biotech and Life Sciences

DNA sequencing, genetic analysis


Hematology, immunoassay, chemistry analyzers


Infusion pumps, radiotherapy, radiosurgery, monitoring devices, surgery devices, neuro-stimulation


Personal activity monitors, mobile device tracking applications, mobile device workflow and reporting


We have deep experience building embedded software to meet the most demanding security requirements for connected devices. We provide multiple technologies to safeguard data passing through your medical systems.


Isolate critical parts of a device or a larger network of devices to ensure control and reliability.


Safeguard against unauthorized data access with device- and system-level checkpoints.


Harness root-of-trust functions to prevent malicious code from infiltrating devices.


Protect and segregate sensitive patient data with fine-grained controls of viewing and usage rights.


Assure device reliability with automated feedback, proactive failure alerts, and remote updates.

Did You Know?

Wind River partners with each of the industry’s top 10 medical device manufacturers.


Reduce your development time and lower your total cost of ownership with Wind River Professional Services.


Make the right choices in creating your next intelligent device.

We can help you assess the potential advantages of emerging technologies and partner with you to build out new architectural roadmaps.


Focus on your core competencies and create market-leading innovations.

Our technical teams can augment your in-house expertise to shorten your development cycles while accelerating creation of new device capabilities and functions.


Ensure the reliability, performance, and security of your devices.

Care for your products with our extensive support and consulting services to guarantee your devices perform as they should throughout their lifecycle.