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Fedegari Autoclavi

"We quickly found that Wind River was more than just an RTOS provider. They helped us find new solutions daily, and they’ve provided outstanding ongoing technical support."

—Massimo Ghelfi, Automation Manager, Fedegari Autoclavi

Fedegari Clean Machines Powered by Wind River

There's no room for error in drug sterilization. Major pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world rely on Italy's Fedegari Autoclavi's sterilization machines for safety and performance. The machines are subject to strict rules and validations, with particular attention paid to the process controllers that run the machines. To effectively certify any machine, the pharmaceutical industry requires a control system with a highly stable architecture. That is why Fedegari decided to standardize its entire control system using Wind River® Platform for Industrial Devices, VxWorks® Edition.

Solutions used by Fedegari Autoclavi

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VxWorks Helps Ensure Certification and Protect the Customer's Investment

Fedegari first joined forces with Wind River in 2004, selecting the VxWorks real-time operating system because of its ability to manage a wide range of devices. VxWorks delivers unmatched reliability, robustness, and versatility, while helping keep development on schedule and within budget. Because the control software runs on a standard platform, Fedegari can easily develop and integrate new control and communications modules for specific customer needs. And customers can make their existing machines run like new simply by upgrading to the latest control software, protecting their investment in machines designed to last 15 to 20 years.