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Wind River Customers

The Boeing Company

The Wind River® VxWorks® platform proved instrumental in the development of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner—history’s fastest-selling wide-body aircraft.

Innovation Aloft: Wind River Powers the Boeing Dreamliner’s Core System

Since the Boeing 787 Dreamliner first launched in 2004, it has become the fastest-selling wide-body aircraft in aviation history—now being produced at the rate of 10 a month to keep up with demand. In fact, Boeing reportedly delivered 111 Dreamliner aircraft in 2014, topping its own projections. The key to the exceptional performance of the 787 family is its suite of new technologies and its revolutionary design. And Wind River® VxWorks® 653 Platform proved instrumental in getting the Dreamliner aloft.

Solutions used by Boeing

Wind River VxWorks 653 Platform

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VxWorks Integrates and Orchestrates Over 70 Applications

An innovative Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA)–based Common Core System (CCS), developed by GE Aviation, serves as the Dreamliner’s central nervous system. The Wind River industry-leading VxWorks 653 partitioning operating system is the foundation for GE’s CCS, infallibly orchestrating over 70 applications from over 15 Boeing suppliers. VxWorks makes possible the asynchronous integration of so many suppliers, allowing applications of different safety certification levels to run reliably on a single shared computer platform. Wind River embedded systems deliver the cutting-edge reliability and performance that fuel innovation.