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Wind River Customers


“Working with Wind River enabled us to develop Project Zero in record time with a revolutionary approach by leveraging market-leading technology.”

—Dr. James Wang, Vice President of Research and Technology, AgustaWestland

AgustaWestland Gets Amazing Aircraft Off the Ground in Six Months

It hovers like a helicopter. It flies like an airplane. It looks like a Starfighter. And it’s unmanned. It’s “Project Zero,” the all-electric tilt rotor aircraft designed by AgustaWestland, part of Italy’s Finmeccanica group and a leading supplier of military and commercial helicopters. And what’s equally amazing is the time it took to get it from the drawing board to testing: six months, thanks in large part to Wind River® technology and professional services.

Wind River Development Platform Helps Meet Stringent Safety and Performance Standards

Project Zero is also the name of AgustaWestland’s fast-paced avionics technology incubator. The company’s design team set out to build a large, all-electric vertical-lift aircraft in a size and configuration that had never been attempted. They selected Wind River VxWorks® 653 Platform, a commercial off-the-shelf development platform for delivering safety-critical, Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) applications. Chosen for its high performance and reliability, VxWorks 653 Platform is also compliant with ARINC 653, the avionic standard for partitioning of real-time operating systems. Backed by service and support from Wind River, VxWorks 653 Platform sped up development time and helped the project take off.