A Virtual Lab, For Your Virtual Hardware

Wind River® Helix Lab Cloud is an instantly accessible software lab that improves team collaboration and shortens development cycles.

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Lab Cloud is a faster and more collaborative way to work with your software before you deploy it on actual hardware—and it's easy to get started.

Choose a virtual device.
Upload and run your code.
Share, collaborate, test, validate, and support—get your software deployed.


What Is Lab Cloud?

Provide Your Team Easy Access to Virtual Hardware to Build Better IoT Systems, Faster

Lab Cloud is a software lab that simulates hardware in a cloud platform. Using Lab Cloud, you can rapidly create and deliver device and system software for the Internet of Things (IoT), both within your organization and with outside teams. From a single device to a system-of-systems with hundreds of components, it's easy to run and share in Lab Cloud.

With Lab Cloud, you can:

Instantly access virtual hardware environments from anywhere
Share software, lab sessions, and content you upload to the lab
Test software at any time
Provide everyone on a team full visibility and instant access to the lab
Collaborate easily with anyone—live or offline


A Software Lab Made for the Way Your Team Needs to Work

Collaborate Freely

Share lab sessions with other users and interact live or offline, working in collaboration on the same system. Provide your colleagues access to the actual system you are working on, instead of just describing it.

Explore Real-World Scenarios

Developing a single device? Test on one processor. Developing a system? Test on as many processors as you need. Lab Cloud scales up and down to fit your needs. And, since you are running the same binaries, your software won't know it isn't running on actual hardware.

Test Without Worries

Remove the test equipment bottleneck and supply your team with a pre-deployment staging area for testing. With Lab Cloud there is immediate and unlimited access to virtual hardware, so you can test as much as you need until you get it right, without the risk of breaking something in the real system.

No Installation Required, No Complicated Loading

Lab Cloud comes pre-configured with virtual hardware targets that are ready to go. You just start your session, load your software, and run. Cross loading just became as easy as native.

Share What You Need to Share

With Lab Cloud you can virtualize your hardware and other lab assets. Users will have access via a simple user interface without needing to understand the underlying complexity. What do you need to share?

Build on the Hardware of Your Choice

Lab Cloud supports Intel®, ARM®, and PowerPC® hardware setups running with Wind River Linux and VxWorks®. Wind River Rocket and Wind River Pulsar Linux are also available on select models. More options are on the way, and customized support options are also available on request.


Sign up now for a free account, then add the features of an enterprise account when you need them.

Feature Free account Enterprise account*
Platforms for Intel, ARM, and PowerPC
Create new Lab Sessions
Upload files and applications to Lab Sessions
Lab Session snapshots, replay, and cloning
Lab Session sharing
Lab Session network connections
Web API for tools integration
Upload and share your own enterprise platforms
Access to enterprise platforms
when platform is shared by enterprise user with free user
Lab Time Hours per month 10 hours Pooled hours across enterprise/month
(different levels)
Max simultaneous sessions Two per user Unlimited
Session time out One hour One hour unless specified to continue running;
max 24 hours
Use of Wind River support services

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* Enterprise users buy packages of Lab Time Hours (number of hours you are running your Lab Sessions), with our smallest package starting at approximately $2/hour. As you expand your Lab Cloud use, you can opt for additional packages. Please contact us for more information.