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Since its establishment in 1985, AcQ Inducom has emerged as a very successful and modern organization with a team of enthusiastic specialists who are willing to go to the limit day after day to achieve their goal: the successful completion of projects. The company develops, produces and delivers solutions for a wide range of embedded electronics applied in aerospace, military, test and measurement, transportation, and industrial automation. In most cases this involves the design, building, and delivery of embedded real-time hardware- and software components. Some of the strengths of AcQ Inducom are fast prototyping, safety-critical designs, form-fit-function replacements for discontinued products and long product life cycles.

AcQ Inducom provides safety-critical systems for aerospace, defense, and transport applications, with custom and COTS hardware solutions combining high performance and integration.

AcQ Inducom has 30+ years of experience delivering both off-the-shelf and custom-designed hardware and software for applications that require rugged, safe and reliable solutions. Our latest products include a range of VPX processor boards based on NXP T4-series SoCs, which deliver high levels of integration and performance. Together with Wind River, AcQ Inducom offers VxWorks support for its products that enable customers to build innovative safety-critical solutions.

  • Experienced partner with a wide range of products and excellent support
  • VxWorks support for processor boards with new devices (T4240, T4160, T4080, LS1021) for cutting edge performance and features, which redefine the limits of what was previously possible, without sacrificing on safety and reliability
  • Achieve high levels of system integration for SWAP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cost) constrained applications with tightly coupled multi-core CPU and FPGA products

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AcQ Inducom
Rijnstraat 20, Oss, Netherlands, 5347KN

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Aerospace & Defense

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