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Razorcat Development GmbH was founded in 1997 by Michael Wittner and is an independent, privately owned company located in Berlin and Waldbronn. The core technology of the Razorcat products was based on prototypical testing tools developed at the research laboratories of DaimlerChrysler. Focused on software testing tools for the embedded systems market, Razorcat has developed the powerful unit testing tool TESSY for C-code modules that supports the most relevant microcontrollers, compiler environments, and target platforms.
The systematic test design tool CTE helps creating low redundant and error sensitive test cases. The Intergrated Test Environment (ITE) provides solutions to handle complex test management projects including the definition of requirements and dependent tests, control the test execution, evaluate the test results, and finally generate test verification reports.

The certified unit and integration testing tool TESSY provides systematic testing of embedded software in C/C++ for Tricore and Power PC targets supported by Wind River Workbench.

TESSY integrates with the Wind River Workbench to run tests on Tricore and Power PC targets or using the WindISS simulator. All current versions of the Wind River Diab Compiler are supported.
With TESSY you can easily manage, link, and trace requirements, edit test data within spread sheets, plot test results graphically, and analyze code coverage in flow chart graphics. Customizable reporting and command line scripting for continuous integration leverages your testing efforts.

  • C/C++ code testing on embedded targets
  • Traceability from requirements to tests
  • Continuous integration and powerful reporting

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Razorcat Development GmbH
Witzlebenplatz, Berlin, Germany, 14057

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